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Aloe Vera Gel – Functionalities and Benefits for Pets

Aloe vera plants pack more punch than your average houseplant. The leaves are packed with a clear gel that is best known to treat skin injuries, provide hydrating effects, and so many more benefits for humans. It has been used for centuries by people in Greece, India, Mexico, Japan, and many others for its wellness purposes.

When used correctly, Aloe vera has been proven to also help dogs or cats with anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal properties. It is important to note some experts claim this plant contains saponins, which can make animals sick in large quantities.

Here are just some examples of how Aloe vera can benefit your pet and the safest ways to introduce it to your pet. Consult your veterinarian about other ways aloe vera can best be used to heal your furry friend.

How Aloe Vera can be useful to pets:

Anti-inflammatory: Many pet owners have found the anti-fungal properties in aloe vera is beneficial to healing skin irritation in their pets such as flea bites and allergies. If your pet has a dry nose, flaky skin, or bug bites, apply a thin layer of aloe gel to the area to help promote healing and ease the itchiness.

Immune System: Aloe is rich in calcium, potassium, iron, and several other vitamins and nutrients to help boost an animal’s immune system. This helps build resistance to diseases and strengthen their immune system. One way to implement aloe into their diet is to mix a small amount of aloe vera juice in your pets food.

Wounds: Aloe vera can be applied to any skin injury to promote healing and ease pain. Cuts, puncture wounds, and abrasions will heal quicker when the aloe gel is applied to the area.

Joint Health: The anti-inflammatory properties in aloe have been proven to help reduce joint pain and inflammation. Research shows aloe juice helps ease symptoms of arthritis, or applying the gel directly to the site. These methods promote healing without the side effects of traditional medication.

Aloe Vera is an important ingredient with a variety of powerful uses for your pets. Several Gou Gou Pets products include Aloe Vera, such as the following:


At Gou Gou Pets, our aim is to promote healthy lives with a sense of balance for years of happiness for your pet. We offer a line of natural pet products that incorporate the best of Eastern and Western methodologies.

We offer a traditional and holistic-infused grooming line, joint/pain management spray and ointments, trauma, wound, and skin care and antioxidant therapy. All made in the USA. Our products are naturally based, gentle, and contain high quality Chinese herbs, essential oils, and aromatic therapy ingredients.

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