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Frankincense (Ru Xiang) – Functionalities and Benefits for Pets

Frankincense, or Ru Xiang, is often used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for its restorative and medicinal properties. Frankincense trees can be found in dry areas of countries such as India, Saudi Arabia, and Somalia. Its resin can be useful for both humans and pets.

Especially as Christmas approaches, “Frankincense” may ring a bell in your mind. That’s because, in the Christmas story, Frankincense was one of the gifts brought to baby Jesus by the three wise men. Another one of those gifts was Myrrh — another typical ingredient used in Traditional Chinese Medicine, which also works extremely well in conjunction with Frankincense.

Frankincense has a woody, spicy smell. Its benefits can come from inhaling it, absorbing it through the skin, or by ingesting it in supplement form. Learn more about Frankincense in our products and how it can be useful to people as well as pets.

How frankincense can be useful to pets:

Invigorates Blood: Frankincense is capable of lowering blood pressure and improving circulation. In fact, it’s even been shown to have effects on cancer in humans when used in conjunction with Myrrh. A study in China revealed that these two powerful ingredients together may prevent cancer cells from spreading, especially in breast cancer, prostate cancer, pancreatic cancer, skin cancer, and colon cancer.

Dispels Blood Stasis: Blood stasis can be caused by trauma including sprain, broken bones, bruises, and more. For pets, these types of injuries can be common when running, playing, and exploring. Frankincense in our ingredients can manage discomfort and support the healing process.

Alleviates Pain and Reduces Swelling: The anti-inflammatory properties of Frankincense are a natural way to aid their pain relief and swelling without medications that could upset them or make them feel sick. Frankincense is believed to prevent the release of leukotrienes. These are compounds that can cause inflammation.

Helps Regenerate Skin: Frankincense is widely used for its skin regenerative properties. It naturally boosts the production of new skin cells, making skin tighter and more elastic while reducing scarring. If your pet gets a cut or a wound, Frankincense can help restore their skin while relieving pain at the same time.

Promotes Qi Flow: In Traditional Chinese Medicine, Qi is a type of vital energy. Frankincense is known for promoting Qi flow. When your pet has an illness or injury, Frankincense can help direct the blood and energy in the affected area. This can help diminish their discomfort and get them back to running and playing again.

Frankincense is an extremely powerful ingredient that has many uses for your furry friend, especially when applied topically. Several of our products include Frankincense Resin (Ru Xiang), including the following:

  • Joint & Bone Ointment: Great for Injuries affecting the limbs and body; best for short-term care.
  • First Aid Ointment: For minor cuts, abrasions, sores, slow-healing wounds.
  • Joint Inflammation Shampoo (Coming Soon): Best for long-term care of injuries of the limbs and body.

Don’t forget to find out the benefits of Myrrh, especially when paired with Frankincense, in our next post.


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