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May Is National Pet Month: Here’s How To Celebrate

Pet owners know the simple truth: Life is just better when you’ve got a beloved furry friend by your side. Whether they’ve become your favorite co-worker, keeping your feet warm while you work from home, or they greet you excitedly when you walk in the door at the end of the day.

Our pets do so much for us and love us unconditionally. And May is National Pet Month, which means it’s the perfect time to show your pet just how much they mean to you, too.


What Is National Pet Month?

National Pet Month, recognized during the entire month of May in the U.S., is a time to encourage responsible pet ownership. It’s also a time to celebrate our pets who mean so much to us.

Pets of all kinds should be honored. Whether they’re more “conventional” pets such as dogs, cats, and horses, or they’re more exotic — such as lizards, snakes, or even tarantulas. Our pets deserve our love, attention, and appreciation all year long, no matter their species. But this month is a time to make them feel a little bit extra special.

How You Can Celebrate With Your Pet

Partaking in their favorite outdoor activities, especially as the weather continues getting nicer, is sure to get their tail wagging. Here are some ideas:

Biking: Some dogs love running along while their owners ride. Whether they run free or you buy a bicycle attachment for your dog that makes it safer, you and your furry friend will have a great time getting exercise and enjoying the outdoors.

Camping: If you want to take your pets camping, give it a try! Whether you choose to buy them their own tent or let them crash with you, camping is a great bonding experience.

Dog Parks: If your dog is well behaved and does well with other dogs, a dog park could be a good place to spend time together — and tire them out! Be sure you and your pup follow all dog park etiquette.

Jogging: Some dogs are big runners, and they’ll be happy to run alongside you during your workouts. Just be sure both of you have the same fitness level, or one or both of you may end up exhausted. It’s not a bad idea to check in with your dog’s vet before going on runs together.

Walking and Hiking: Whether you’ve got a dog, cat, or horse, walking or hiking could be a good activity for you to share together. Small pets who may not be able to walk long distances, or cats who are not used to going on walks, can be carried in a small backpack.

Gou Gou Pets Products For Pampering Your Pets

Even if you or your pets aren’t up for outdoor activities — or it’s still too cold where you live — there are plenty of other ways you can make them feel extra special from home.

Gou Gou Pets offers a line of grooming products that are sure to help pamper your pet at home and make them feel like royalty. With holistic-infused products such as Detangler Spray and Deodorizer Spray, as well as traditional grooming accessories such as nail clippers and combs, you’re sure to find the perfect way to spoil your pet.

“Our pets make us feel loved every single day,” says Dr. Mary Zhang, founder of Gou Gou Pets. “During National Pet Month, it’s a great time to go above and beyond when it comes to showing our furry family members how much we love them.”

In addition to holistic and traditional grooming products, other products in the Gou Gou Pets family include First Aid Ointment, DermaSkin Ointment, Joint and Bone Ointment, and Hot Spot Spray. And in June, Gou Gou Pets will introduce a line of specialty shampoos along with other new product offerings.

Other Ways to Honor National Pet Month

Of course, spending time with your pets is a great way to honor National Pet Month. But there are even more ways that can make an impact on animals — even those you don’t personally know.

For example, you could consider making a donation in your pet or late pet’s name to an animal shelter or animal welfare group. You can help keep these shelter pets warm, fed, and comfortable while they wait for their forever home.

A similar idea could be a kennel sponsorship program. By sponsoring a certain kennel in a shelter, you could help provide food, medical care, warm blankets, toys, and more to pets who are passing through.

And if you’ve got the time and space, you could consider fostering a pet. Many shelters and organizations offer foster programs, which places a pet with a loving home temporarily until they are adopted. It also helps make space in shelters for new pets who are coming in and need immediate care. At the end, if it’s a good fit, you may find yourself with a new furever best friend!

Try Holistic Pet Care from Gou Gou Pets

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