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Traditional Chinese Medicine and Your Pets

Chinese New Year, also known as the Lunar New Year, is upon us once again. Since the Chinese New Year is based on the lunar calendar (rather than the Gregorian calendar), the dates of the new year change every year.

This year, it started on February 1st, 2022, harboring in the Year of the Tiger. The first 11 days are what is known as Spring Festival, lasting until February 11th. The next 4 days from February 12th-15th are the Lantern Festival.

Every year, this celebration brings to light the Chinese culture, and along with it some of the more traditional practices that have been used for hundreds, or in some cases thousands of years. One of these traditional practices that gets highlighted around this time is Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese medicine and other complementary and alternative medicines, such as acupuncture, have been in use for thousands of years. Rather than focusing on individual organ systems, as western medicine typically does, traditional Chinese medicine focuses on the body as a whole. This focus is based on the belief that the body can develop illnesses when it is out of balance, with the goal being to bring the body back into its natural healthy equilibrium.

Health and disease are viewed as two different cycles, similar to ying and yang. Both cycles are viewed as being resistant to change, meaning that once healthy, it is easier to stay healthy than become sick, and visa versa. Noting this mentality, it explains why chronic diseases are so difficult to resolve, because it is a self-sustaining, highly-stable state of being.

Typical Chinese diagnostics take into account all manner of being, taking a very detailed examination to be able to account for as many inherent weaknesses that a body may have. This is then used to figure out the overall state of the body, which can then be used to treat a patient, or maintain a level of health. Treatment typically comes in the form herbal medicines, acupuncture, or changes in diet.

Traditional Eastern Combining with Western Medicine

Through the time that it has been around, traditional Chinese medicine has also undergone many changes, advancing the methodologies used, in order to be more appropriately combined with contemporary western medicines. Western medicines have also gained further insight as to why certain herbal medicines work in the manner they do by distilling the active chemical compounds or components that affect the body.

Despite many veterinarians not having a direct education of traditional medicines, most present-day vets and animal centers offer traditional Chinese medicine methods to their clients, alongside other alternative techniques in treating any ailments your pet may have. Even the most sophisticated veterinarian will often utilize traditional medicines because they are able to bring out positive results, often saving or lengthening the lives of the pets they are working with.

Herbal Therapies For Your Pets

These traditional medicines have been around for centuries, pre-dating many of the science-based prescriptions that are often utilized today. People have realized that there are natural therapies that can help, rather than relying on synthetic drugs. Different mixtures of native species of herbs, plants, minerals, along with some animal products, have a wide range of health benefits to offer. These benefits include boosting immunity, encouraging a good appetite, boosting healing and restoration of an injury, as well as relieving a variety of conditions.

These conditions could be physical, affecting the different organs of the body, or even psychological, such as anxiety, abnormal behaviors, or complications due to old age. Herbal therapies are often also used in pets that are battling cancer, or going through chemo, as they can help stimulate recovery. The natural and herbal composition of these therapies also leads to much more mild side effects when compared to pharmaceutical synthetic medicines. Due to their less potent nature, your pets can continue using these therapies for long periods of time with little to no concern about any extreme side effects or other health related complications developing from their long term use.

How Can Your Pet Benefit from Traditional Chinese Medicine?

Traditional Chinese medicine is focused on not only treatment of a number of ailments, but also on the prevention of diseases. This relates back to focusing on the whole body, rather than just a few symptoms, as it is primarily focused on restoring the body back to its healthy state, rather than solely treating or alleviating symptoms. This is different than most western medicines that are typically used to treat a diagnosed issue, and oftentimes are not appropriate for taking preventative measures.

Similar to making certain lifestyle changes, incorporating traditional Chinese medicines and herbal therapies can be utilized over a long period of time, and see continuing improvements throughout the duration of use. In the hands of an appropriately trained practitioner, treatment of acute and chronic conditions, as well as the prevention of other ailments can be achieved through use of these ancient techniques.

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