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Turmeric (Yu Jin) – Functionalities and Benefits for Pets

Turmeric may be one of your favorite spices to add to your dishes when you’re cooking. But did you know that Turmeric, or Yu Jin, plays an important role in Traditional Chinese Medicine? That means it can also have beneficial impacts for your pet’s health.

Turmeric plants are native to countries such as India and Australia, but now they are cultivated around the world. Turmeric is widely grown in China, Nepal, Southeast Asia as well as South Africa. The plants can grow up to three feet tall, and its knobby roots look similar to ginger. Its bright-orange color is instantly recognizable.

Turmeric is known to be commonly used in powder form for cooking, though some cultures also wrap and cook food in turmeric leaves. And in many cultures, it is used for medicinal purposes.

Learn more about turmeric and its functionalities and benefits for pets.

How TURMERIC can be useful to pets:

Invigorates and Cools Blood Turmeric is able to help lower blood pressure and improve blood circulation as well. Turmeric helps improve the function of the lining of the blood vessels. Turmeric also can help support vessel flexibility and prevent hardening of the arteries. It can even increase cerebral oxygenation, meaning better blood flow to the brain, according to a recent study.

Dispels Blood Stasis: Blood stasis is another word for stagnant blood, which means your blood isn’t flowing properly. This can be caused by a variety of different types of trauma, such as sprains, bruises, and more. Active pets are more susceptible to these types of injuries, which can get in the way of their lifestyle. For pets — especially those who live an active lifestyle — these types of injuries can be common and can be very disruptive to their way of life. Turmeric helps the blood in your pet’s body move more smoothly.

Alleviates Pain and Reduces Inflammation: When your pet is hurt with a bump or bruise, the anti-inflammatory properties of Turmeric can help your pet feel better without medication. It can block your pet’s body from producing the types of inflammation that lead to swelling and pain. Inflammation can play a role in chronic diseases, so helping to block inflammation can help keep your pet healthy.

Benefits the Gallbladder: Just like in humans, pets can have problems with their gallbladders, but turmeric can help. Turmeric can help increase bile flow, which can help improve your pet’s liver, gallbladder and digestion system, all of which are important for a healthy body.

Turmeric is an important ingredient with a variety of powerful uses for your pets. Several Gou Gou Pets products include Turmeric (Yu Jin), such as the following:

  • Joint & Bone Ointment: Great for Injuries affecting the limbs and body; best for short-term care.
  • First Aid Ointment: For minor cuts, abrasions, sores, slow-healing wounds.
  • DermaSkin Dermatitis Ointment: Treat rashes, crusting, scaly skin and blistering.
  • Joint Inflammation Shampoo (Coming Soon): Best for long-term care of injuries of the limbs and body.


At Gou Gou Pets, our aim is to promote healthy lives with a sense of balance for years of happiness for your pet. We offer a line of natural pet products that incorporate the best of Eastern and Western methodologies.

We offer a traditional and holistic-infused grooming line, joint/pain management spray and ointments, trauma, wound, and skin care and antioxidant therapy. All made in the USA. Our products are naturally based, gentle, and contain high quality Chinese herbs, essential oils, and aromatic therapy ingredients.

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