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General Information

This is the official domain of Gou Gou Pets™. All the available content and opinions on this site are our own and are only intended for general information and use.


The medical information and research on this site are likely to be proven false by new studies and reports in the near or distant future. Gou Gou Pets does not take responsibility for these inaccuracies at any point in time.

Liability for Products

The products on this site are based on a combination of eastern and western medicinal techniques. They are intended as therapeutic remedies.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
While our products are 100% naturally derived and pose minimum side effects, you must administer/apply them at your discretion. Gou Gou Pets takes no responsibility for any direct or indirect harm incurred while using its products.

All the copyright materials, trademarks, logos, and intellectual media on this site, including but not limited to graphical representations, videos, audio, and text, are the exclusive property of Gou Gou Pets™. They are protected under US copyright law.

Third-Party Liability

Gou Gou Pets is not answerable to or responsible for anyinformation on third-party links featured on its domain. We also take no responsibility for the opinions that are not our own in the comments and reserve the right to remove them if deemed offensive, obscene, sexually explicit, defamatory, threatening, or inappropriate.

Site Browsing

We take no responsibility for content obtained through this site. Users are advised to take them on at their discretion and risk. While we take every measure to ensure our content is bug-free, we cannot guarantee that this domain, its servers, or the emails you receive from Gou Gou Pets will be free of such harmful components. We do not take responsibility for any damage(s) to your device(s) linked to our domain.

Content Liability

The thoughts and opinions related to different issues presented on the website belong to the authors alone. They are not based on facts and must be taken as such at the user’s discretion and risk.


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