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How Pets Bring Us Joy in the Hardest Times

Pets have been bringing us joy and companionship dating back to 12,000 years ago when the first dogs were domesticated. Now, with all the modern day struggles, pets have become a light in the lives of many people across the world. 


During the pandemic many of us went to furry companions to lean on. Having connections during quarantine was difficult. And for many people their relationship with animals worked in place of some human interaction. 


Being isolated isn’t easy, and to cope with the distance from others, and the new found time on many people’s hands, they turned to animal companionship to get them through these hard times.

Not only do pets bring us simple joy in difficult times, they also have direct mental and physical health benefits. Two things that help us feel joy in our everyday lives.

Pets Bring Us Physical Health Benefits

Part of having joy in your life can be feeling healthy. People with pets tend to have lower blood pressure, and have a lower risk of heart disease than those without pets. 


These health benefits could come from the exercise that walking and playing require, but they could also be from reduced stress due to animal companionship. Exercise also can help people feel joy in their lives. 


Oftentimes having pets comes with the responsibility of making sure they get exercise to keep them healthy and happy.  This can mean going out for walks, going to the park, or playing outside; things that keep both pets and humans feeling their best.


Having an incentive to get up and be active can help people find joy and stay healthy.

Pets Improve Mental Health

Being able to love another living creature, and receive their unconditional love in return can have amazing benefits to people’s mental health


Giving attention to our pets, and receiving the attention of them in return helps us feel secure and reduces stress. With stressful lives at work or school, coming home to a furry companion is just the thing that can make us smile at the end of the day. 


As humans we crave social interaction, that doesn’t just mean from other people, but also from animals. We need people to talk to, and our pets offer a judgement free zone; 60% of pet owners actually tell their pets their deepest secrets. 


We also share a large portion of our lives with our pets. We come home to them every day, care for them, and make memories with them. They also can get us through the hardest part of our lives. This forms a strong bond that acts as a light in our lives.

Pets Bring Joy and Companionship With Them

Other than just the mental and physical health benefits, pets just bring pure joy to people and families. Many happy memories and fun times are created with our pets. They mean the most to us and having them in our lives just simply makes things better. 


Whether it be pampering them with treats, or picking out an adorable outfit for them, pets bring us a joy that nothing else can. Pets cheer us up and make us laugh. After you’ve had a bad day there’s nothing better than going home to see your pet, they aren’t judgmental, and after a bad day they help us to not feel alone. 


Alongside the direct effects that pets have, they can also help us make connections with other people. When out and about walking your pet, or going to the park, you can meet other people who are doing the same. When you meet someone this way you instantly have something in common. 


Pets themselves bring us endless joy, and cheer us up even when we’re down. But they also can help us meet new people and make connections. Our animals are our companions, they are loyal and love unconditionally.


What better to bring us joy than a best friend?

Holistic Pet Care

We love our pets so much, and the joy they bring us is irreplaceable, because of this we should want to give them the best life possible. We don’t like to see our pets uncomfortable or in stress. When treating them it’s best to take the route most comfortable for our furry friends. 


Holistic pet care is an alternative therapy to help heal our pets. Holistic pet care is about caring for the whole pet, and making sure that their recovery is as smooth as possible, with little discomfort. Other than just treating injuries, holistic pet care can also help reduce stress for your pet through the use of all natural ingredients. The treatments are made up of Chinese ingredients and essential-oil based ingredients. Holistic pet care can also be treatments such as massage and hydrotherapy. These treatments can be a good experience that your pet enjoys. 


Holistic pet care is a good option because it works to avoid/alleviate symptoms that often occur with more conventional veterinary medicine. That being said, it doesn’t mean you should avoid all conventional veterinary care completely. The two medicines can coexist, and often working with both can be the best option for your pet. 


With holistic pet care you can make your pet feel as much joy as they bring you. What better way to say “thank you” to our companions than making them comfortable, stress free, and healthy.