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Calming Spray Render

8 oz.

Calming Pet Spray for Anxiety: Relax Your Pet and Calm Stress – Made in USA – 8 oz


Our natural-derived Calming Pet Spray for dogs, cats, and horses for the purpose as a calming solution for animals anxiousness, motion sickness, barking, separation anxiety, nervousness from thunderstorms and PTSD. Comforting a happier, tranquil and uplifted spirit of your pet.

Our Calming Spray has been researched, developed, and specially formulated for pets using highly concentrated, natural, clean, antioxidant and essential oils.

No greasiness, no stains on clothes or bedding, no chemical or artificial or synthetic material, no sulfates, cruelty-free, eco-friendly and biodegradable. GMP Standard, Made in the USA. 

Scroll down to see Ingredients, Best Results and Warnings.

Perfect for: Dogs, Cats and Horses

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Water, Decyl Glucoside, Propanendiol, Lavender Essential Oil, Bergamot Essential Oil, Geranium Essential Oil, He Huan Hua (Mimosa Flower) Essential Oil, Chai Hu (Bupleurum) Essential Oil, Fragrance, Sodium CItrate, Citric Acid, Polysorbate 20 (Preservative)

For Best Results

Shake bottle before spraying. Mist your pet's coat from about six inches away. Avoid applying directly on your pet's head, open wounds or other sensitive areas. Do not use it on your pet's body if there is any history of skin allergies, hotspots or other sensitive skin issues. Do not use more than three times a day.


In case of contact with eyes, flush thoroughly with water and seek medical attention if irritation persists. Discontinue use and consult a veterinarian if skin irritation occurs. Keep out of reach of children and pets to avoid possible consumption. Prolonged use may cause nausea or dizziness, discontinue use and consult your veterinarian.