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2 oz.

Frostbite 3-in-1 Paw Ointment (2 oz.)

For Freezing, Burning and Conditioning
Alleviates: Swelling, Discomfort, Blistering, Skin Discoloration, Moisturizing


Perfect for: Dogs, Cats and Horses


For Best Results:
Clean paws before applying. Gently rub onto the paw pad, paws will be slick right after application, allowing time to absorb. Apply anytime before going outside or after exposing your pet’s paw to potentially harmful conditions.



20 reviews for Frostbite 3-in-1 Paw Ointment (2 oz.)

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  1. Pam

    Love,love it. y puppy had such badly cracked pads since the cold hit. We ended up buying her some boots and decided to add this balm to the order too. We actually returned the boots because we were so astonished at how well the balm worked. Pup loves when I apply it and I’ve seen her pads improve in hours. She can tell it’s helping too! Thank you for an amazing product!

  2. Jame

    Protect your dog paws from salt and arctic weather . I received this product not long time ago, I had been applying it to my dogs paws. So this contained product made for dogs was much needed and easy to apply to paws. The winters weather is brutal on his paws with salt and I couldn’t wait to find the right product. This has been a gem so far.

  3. Customer

    Great for my pup dry paws .I bought this to help heal my pup’s dry paws from the salt that was put on the road during quite a few snowstorms. He spent a lot of time licking his paws and trying to heal them but once I put this product on his pads, there was no more licking, aching paws. He didn’t try to lick off the product even though I expected him to. It smells fantastic .

  4. Faith

    Daily home paw therapy. My 7 year little pom dog’s paw pads became very rough and dry these days. Since I applied this paw soother, they are smooth. My dog’s day is done with paw massage with this soother and he seems like enjoying it. The warmth is good enough to be absorbed quickly. The best thing that I like is, it is not too thick or too thin, just right, and not sticky.

  5. Alex

    This stuff is amazing! With just one application, within 2 days, his paws were smooth! I’m so excited because his paw pads were all crackly and looked so painful. It’s a total makeover. I’m so happy. It smells good too and he didn’t lick it which I was nervous about. It was easy to apply since it comes in a lipstick-like tube.

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Shea Butter, Medium Chain Trygliceride, Grapeseed Oil, Squalane, Avocado Oil, Vitamin E, Beeswax, Arrowroot Powder, Ren Shen Xu (Ginseng) Extract, Dan Shen (Salvia Miltiorrhiza) Extract, Dang Gui Wei (Angelica Root Tail) Extract, Huang Qi (Astragalous Root) Extract, Bai Ji (Rhizoma Bletillae) Extract, Aloe Vera Gel, Euxyl PE 9010.

For Best Results

Clean paws before applying. Gently rub onto the paw pad, paws will be slick right after application, allowing time to absorb. Apply anytime before going outside or after exposing your pet's paw to potentially harmful conditions.


In case of contact with eyes, flush thoroughly with water and seek medical attention, if irritation persists. Discontinue use and consult a veterinarian if skin irritation occurs. Keep out of reach of children and pets to avoid possible consumption.