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Cleaning A Wound

Even small wound can get infected, and some infections are immune-resistant. To avoid complications, start by cleaning the wound properly. Your dog, cat, or horse could have fur that interferes with would cleaning, so use clippers to gently shave the area if needed. Then clean the area with warm water. You can also use a natural cleanser like skin-soothing herbal teas or a herb and vinegar rinse.

Apply a holistic ointment or salve. Gou Gou Pets is about to release would treatment products that contain only natural ingredients perfect for healing even stubborn wounds quickly.

Cover the wound with clean bandages and prevent your pet from removing the bandages because their natural instinct to lick could cause a worse infection. If the wound is wide or deep, seek care from a veterinarian, stitches might be needed.

Helping A Wound Heal With A Natural Approach

There are several factors that could contribute to slow healing, resulting in pain and swelling for your animal. Figuring out what’s causing the slow healing is half the battle. Some contributing factors could be:

Bacterial infection

Infection not only delays healing but can result in sickness, pain, or even death. Even if you clean the wound, it could still get infected. Adding a natural ointment meant to kill bacteria can help. If the pet gets a resistant infection such as a staff infection, they should see a vet as that can be life-threatening.

Not enough coverage or pressure

Check to make sure you have enough pressure on the wound and use the proper method to close the wound. If bandages aren’t stopping the bleeding, the injury might not have enough skin around it to heal without sutures.

Movement causing the would to reopen

Pets are resilient, and even while recovering from an ouchie, they want to run and play. It can be hard to keep them calm and avoid re-opening delicate healing wounds. Keeping them confined to a smaller area could help.

Poor nutrition

General poor nutrition from cheap factory-made animal food can cause vitamin deficiency and not give the body what it needs for a strong immune response. Increase your dog’s nutrition with healthy food and supplements, especially if they are sick or wounded.

Gently applying a holistic ointment or salve is your pet’s best line of defense to keeping their wound clean and allowing it to heal quickly. Make sure the ointment uses the best natural ingredients. The Gou Gou Pets company was founded by a Doctor of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture who loves animals. Make sure your pets get the very best wound care possible.