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3 Reasons Your Horse is Losing Hair

Horses are one of the most loyal and majestic pets you can have. As a proud equine owner, you should always ensure that your horse is on top of its game and has the best physical and mental health. The best way to do it is to focus on their Zen and wellness and give them the mental peace they need to be healthy.

You should also take care of your horse’s dietto ensure that they remain energetic and in good shape. You should also get them quality skincare products to prevent skin conditions and keep them happy, strong, and active.

To stay on top of your horse’s health, you should always look for signs of underlying health conditions. One of the telltale signs of trouble in horses is excessive hair loss, also called alopecia, which can happen for many reasons.

Hair growth in horses is divided into three phases: Anagen (growth period), telogen (rest period), and shedding period. Once the hair has been shed, it takes about 3-6 weeks for the horse to enter the anagen stage. If the hair doesn’t grow back properly during this time, your horse may be at risk of alopecia.

Keep reading to learn more about the causes of hair loss in horses and what can be done to treat and prevent this problem.

1. Excessive Sweating

One of the most common causes of hair loss in horses is extreme heat. This results in excessive sweating, which causes deposits of salt and protein on the skin. Consequently, the horse may scratch or rub these deposits and lose hair in these patches. Usually, this hair loss happens near the horse’s eye and other parts of the face.

Close up of brown horse.

2. Skin Diseases

Many skin diseases can also cause hair loss in horses. Contact dermatitis (also called allergies) can commonly result in alopecia. The best way to treat these allergies quickly is to get our Dermaskin ointment which can help with the symptoms of contact dermatitis.

You can also get our hot spot spray that relieves your horse’s irritated skin. To prevent these conditions, you should always use a quality hypoallergenic shampoo to care for your horse’s grooming.

Sometimes, alopecia is also a result of superficial bacterial infections that can affect your horse’s hair follicles. These conditions may require anti-bacterial medication.

3. Dermatophyte Infections

Dermatophyte infections can also cause serious hair loss in horses. It’s caused by fungal ringworm. It can cause lesions and also result in alopecia at the site of the fungus. This condition requires professional help and anti-fungal medication.

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All these conditions can be prevented if you take care of your horse’s grooming correctly.

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