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Do your products contain sulfates or other toxic chemicals?

  • Our Products are made with the highest quality ingredients available and selected for sustainability and low environmental impact with no GMO, Herbicides or Pesticides.
  • Vegan & Cruelty-Free
  • Made with naturally based ingredients
  • All Safe and Non-Toxic No Parabens or Sulfate.
  • No Detergent
  • Plant-Based
  • Made in the USA

Are Gou Gou Pets Shampoos Gluten Free?

  • All our shampoos are gluten free.

Is Gou Gou Pets Shampoos Safe to use on pets?

  • Yes. Cats, dogs, horses, and all animals big and small can benefit from our natural based grooming products. It is completely safe and non-toxic! As with any product, keep it out of their eyes. You can do this by using a washcloth to carefully wash their face.

How often can I use it on my pet?

  • It really depends upon the animal, climate, breed, level of activity, and of course how much they like to roll in the muck! A dog with an oily coat may need to be bathed more frequently while dogs with short hair or water-repellent, thick or double coats can be bathed less frequently. On average once or twice a month will maintain a healthy coat.

Are Gou Gou Pets products safe for humans to use?

  • Yes, Gou Gou Pets products are naturally based, gentle, and contain high quality Chinese herbs, essential oils and aromatic therapy ingredients. Our manufacturers keep with the strictest standards in the manufacturing practices, while meeting GMP and FDA quality standards.

Where are Gou Gou Pets products manufactured?

  • All our formulated products are manufactured within the USA. While a few accessory products are manufactured outside of the USA.

Does Gou Gou Pets offer a wholesale program?

  • We do offer a wholesale pricing agreement for retailers, boutiques and veterinarian offices. Please inquire for more information.

What makes Gou Gou Pets Joint Spray different than what is on the market now?

  • Our Joint Spray is made with the inclusion of naturally derived Chinese herbals to aid joint inflammation, swelling, pain and arthritis.
  • Our Joint Spray does consist of having ethanol, which is unique type used is safe and provides the necessary function to activate the properties of the Chinese herbs contained in the formula. If the pet does lick the product they will find it bitter tasting and will avoid licking further.
  • Alcohol (Ethanol type in this product) itself in TCM has a healing function. This function is to reduce swelling and move blood stasis, which is an important role in terms of pain reduction, trauma care and injuries, and sports performance. It has the functionality to express and deliver the herbal function out and provide improved results.