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4 Skin Conditions Every Dog Owner Should Know About

Dog skin conditions range from mild to severe. They can develop from exposure to specific things or simply happen on their own. In any case, it’s very important for dog owners to always keep an eye out for possible problems with their dog’s skin so the problem can be dealt with in the early phases. These problems are typically seen as dermatitis, which can be defined as irritation, inflammation, itching, baldness, or hair loss on the dog’s skin.

For this reason, every dog owner should take the time to learn about some common dog skin conditions, so they’re able to identify the root cause of dermatitis and take timely action using dog dermatitis medication.

1. Excessive Dandruff

One of the most common forms of dermatitis is excessive dandruff. This happens when the dog’s skin is stripped of its natural oils and becomes extra dry and flaky. This problem escalates in cold weather as the skin becomes even drier, which may also result in excessive shedding. The best way to deal with this issue is to get a moisturizing shampoo to bathe your dog. Gou Gou Pet’s Lotus White Tea Pet Shampoo is your best choice for this.

2. Yeast Infections

Yeast can grow in murky and difficult-to-reach places on your dog’s body. Yeast overgrowth may result in bad odor and excessively flaky skin, which may irritate your dog. To deal with this problem, you can get Gou Gou Pet’s Therapeutic Shampoo, as it gives tried and tested results with yeast overgrowth. You can also get our Dermaskin Ointment to deal with the crustiness that typically follows yeast infections.

3. Allergic Dermatitis

Allergy season typically comes when there’s warmer weather; you generally don’t have to worry about it during winter months. That being said, your dog may have food or environmental allergies that may get triggered at different points in the year. The allergy can cause rashes and hot spots on their skin that may make them irritable. Our Hot Spot Spray can help you deal with these hot spots promptly and effectively.

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4. Folliculitis

In folliculitis, your dog’s hair follicle can get inflamed due to another underlying skin condition. The inflamed follicle can be quite painful for the dog and may result in bumps, scabs, and rashes on its body. Gou Gou Pet’s Dermaskin Ointment is effective in dealing with these symptoms as well.

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