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5 Ways to Care for Your Dog During Winter Months

As the cold breeze blows and it starts to snow, you have to remember to double down on dog care during the winter. We’ve officially entered that time of the year when your dog needs more attention and care to avoid getting sick and lethargic.

Too much outdoor time and they’ll catch a cold. Too little outdoor time and they’ll become lazy and lethargic. So what can you do to strike the right balance while ensuring they stay their happy and healthy self? Keep reading to learn about some tried and tested ways to care for your dog during winter months.

1. Limit the Walks

It may be tempting to stay warm and cozy indoors during the winter months but your dog still needs their regular walks. If it’s too cold, you can limit the number of walks or keep them short but you shouldn’t stop them altogether or your dog will become lazy or have too much pent-up energy.

2. Keep Their Paws Clean

If they go outdoors, you should be extra careful in ensuring that their paws are clean afterward. To that end, check for snow, salt, or grit between their toes and clean this space. Once clean, you can also apply our 3-in-1 Paw Ointment on their paws to prevent frostbite and to protect them from the effects of extreme cold such as cracked or swollen paws.

3. Moisturize Their Skin

During the winter months, your dog’s skin becomes extra dry and it may result in cracking skin which can be quite painful for them. This is why it’s important to keep their skin warm and moisturized through the day. Try our DermaSkin Ointment on their skin once a day, especially on the dry patches, to keep it moisturized and healthy.

brown dog running in the snow.

4. Increase Their Indoor Activity

With limited outdoor time, your dog is likely to become lazy during the winter months. If you want to avoid this problem, you should increase their indoor activity time by clearing a space inside your house and playing games with them. You can also encourage them to fetch things for you so they can burn some energy through the day.

5. Clean and Condition Their Coat Regularly

The cold doesn’t mean that you should skimp out on your dog’s bathing routine. In fact, you should be extra careful in cleaning and conditioning their coat and skin as the dryness may affect it as well. You can use our Cherry Blossom and Green Tea Pet Shampoo for some natural and holistic cleaning and conditioning or get Lotus and White Tea Pet Shampoo to prevent their coat from shedding.

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