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Bathing Your Horse: How Often Is Best?

Horsehair has a pH of 7–7.4. While this is higher than humans, they’ll still need a slightly acidic shampoo to maintain a healthy and moisturized coat. Even after you’ve bought the right bathing supplies, you might be lost as to how often you should use them on your horse.

Order pet shampoos at Gou Gou Pets today because we’re about to tell you when to bathe your equine.

After a Workout

Unfortunately, there isn’t a one-answer-fits-all to washing your horse. While some bathe equines weekly, fortnightly, or biannually like clockwork, there is no rhyme or reason to their routine.

It would be better to bathe your horse after a good workout with plain water. If you think your horse needs more TLC, shampoo its tail and mane, followed by a good brushing with the Foldable Grooming Comb.

Preserve the Natural Oils

The sweat your equine companion displays is different from natural oils. The latter is the sebum our bodies normally secrete, and horses are no exception. Just like it protects our hair, it also safeguards a horse’s coat.

It’s important to know how little sebum your horse produces. You can check for this by releasing a stream of water on a spot. If it turns into droplets, you have a naturally oily coat. If your horse produces a lot of oil, you can bathe it with a bit of holistic infused shampoo once a month.

Let the natural oils build up if your horse’s coat feels dehydrated before treating it to a Lemongrass Shampoo rinse. The wash would not only soothe dry skin but also relieve itchiness and inflammation.


The Lemongrass Shampoo for Dogs, Cats, and Horses by Gou Gou Pets

Consider Medical Conditions

If your horse has a skin infection or open wound, you might want to refrain from using shampoo as much as possible. Of course, cleaning and caring for a wound with a Hot Spot Spray is important. The same goes for skin conditions—you apply the DermaSkin Ointment to the problem area to make it go away as soon as possible.

You might be allowed to spot clean your horse during such times, but only with the vet’s permission. It’s always safe to ask before going at a wounded horse with a wash bucket, sponge, and other washing and grooming supplies.

Bathe Before the In-Season

If your horse has a show coming up, you might want to wait until the day before to bathe it. However, we don’t recommend a full wash during the colder months because it could make your equine sick when you need them the most.

If the in-season is during the winter, we suggest bathing your horse when it’s relatively warmer. If it’s already cold in your part of the world, you can get away with spot cleaning and towel scrubs. You can stop worrying about body odor between baths by treating the coat with a Deodorizer Spray.

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