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Cat Anxiety: Understanding Your Stressed Cat

Cat anxiety can be natural or indicate an underlying illness, pain, or infection. It could also indicate a psychological problem like PTSD or a history of abandonment, abuse, or neglect.

In today’s pet care blog, Gou Gou Pets helps you get to the bottom of your unsettled purry  friend’s anxiety.

The Signs and Symptoms of Anxious Kitties

Cat anxiety can lead to negative behavior. Watch out for these early signs before your cat scratches the life out of every surface or self-grooms to the point of shedding.

  • Not going in the litter.
  • Mood swings
  • Aggressive spells
  • Lots of meowing
  • Changing dietary habits
  • Shadowing you everywhere
  • Fatigue
  • Vomiting

Now that you know what to look for, follow these steps to deal with your anxious cat.

Know the Cause

A cat has as many reasons to feel anxious as its owner. Some include:

  • Moving homes
  • Bathing
  • Meeting new people.
  • Past trauma
  • Lack of social skills.
  • Physical health issues.

Except for the last cause, all of the above are fairly easy to recognize. Identifying one (or more) is the key to finding the right calming strategy.

Create a (Soothing) Distraction

There are several ways to keep a cat distracted from its anxiety. For example, you can run our Foldable Grooming Comb through their fur to put them at ease, especially if they’re in an unfamiliar environment.

Moreover, make sure you don’t return from work to a disaster of feline proportions by leaving your cat with toys to keep them busy.

 A Cat Sitting Beside a Foldable Grooming Comb and Pedicure Kit

Try Other Calming Products

If toys don’t do the trick, try calming them down with a spray or calming oil diffuser. You can buy the Calming Essential Oil Blend and Diffuser from our store to stimulate positive vibes while treating the underlying cause of their anxiety. Essential oils stimulate cat pheromones but don’t remove the problem causing your cat to act out.

Bathe with Calming Shampoo

Although baths are a rare occurrence in a cat’s life, they can lend a massive blow to the bond they’ve formed with their human. Switching to our Calming Pet Shampoo is the best course of action for a cat who despises baths. This shampoo is formulated for animals with anxiety, motion sickness, increased vocalizations, separation anxiety, PTSD, and nervousness. Thus, it can dramatically reduce your chances of experiencing scratches and bites.

Visit Our Online Pet Care Store for More

Order pet shampoo for a cat, dog, or horse with general or separation anxiety, and don’t stop there. Add our Lotus and White Tea Leave-In Conditioning Spray to your cart to restore the damage caused by anxious spells. You can also buy some Zen and wellness care and first aid supplies to calm your cat and see to their injuries as soon as they occur.

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