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Clipping 101: How to Clip Your Horse’s Coat Safely

While you’re on horseback, whether in the field or at a competition, you want your steed to be as relaxed as possible. A calm and content horse will be simpler to ride and teach.

In order to provide your horse with the comfort of a well-clipped coat, consider the following horse coat clipping tips:

Start by wetting and cleaning the coat

Grime and grease can become stuck in the gaps between the clipper teeth, making them dull much more quickly than they would on a clean coat. This is why you should use a gentle yet cleansing shampoo like our Cherry Blossom & Green Tea shampoo, which uses naturally-derived ingredients to clean and condition the horse’s skin and coat.

Apply the shampoo while the coat is damp and comb it in with a brush. A sponge can’t get into the hair as deep as a brush can, so using it to clean your horse’s hair won’t remove the grime in the roots.

Cherry Blossom & Green Tea shampoo by Gou Gou Pets

Start clipping from the lowest point

Once the coat is dry, you can start clipping. Clip your horse in a grid pattern for the best results. With a complete body or trace clip, it is better to begin the clipping routes or regions from the lowest point of the horse’s body. You’ll be able to maintain consistent pressure and get a smoother cut by doing this.

Pulling the skin taut or smoothing out creases might help you obtain a clean, even cut on the horse. You should be especially cautious around the horse’s chest, elbows, and throatlatch since these are common spots for nicks and cuts.

Be careful around trickier areas

The mane and tail are two more typical areas that might be difficult to clip if you don’t know the right way to do it. To get a neatly trimmed tail head, clip upwards into a triangular shape at the tail’s base. Try not to run the clippers horizontally in the area below the top of the neck while trimming the mane. Clip downwards at a right angle to the shaft, going against the hair to prevent lines, creases, or flyaways.

Clipping aftercare

When you’re done with the clipping part, give your horse a good brushing or a bath. It is normal for the coats of certain horses to seem dull or have different shades after being finished. Our Cherry Blossom and Green Tea Pet Leave In Conditioning Spray is a fast and effective way to restore the luster to your horse’s mane and tail. It contains essential oils and active ingredients sourced from nature, which help maintain a balanced pH and promote healthy skin and a shiny coat.

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