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Here’s Why Dogs Love Fall So Much

The warmth is fading, and the atmosphere is getting cooler every day. With the cool breeze, fall is also coming in full swing, and now you will see that your dog is much happier and more excited to go outdoors. It’s one of the best times of the year for your furry monster, and you will see that they’re full of energy and more active than they were during the summer months.

There are many reasons why your canine loves this season so much. Keep reading to learn more about them and why it’s the best time to take your dog out during this time.

Cooler Weather

Your dog can get excessively hot during the summer months because of their thick fur coat. This is also why they may want to spend a long time taking baths during this season and may shed hair. They become much more relaxed and happier with fall as the cool breeze takes over. You can relax your dog further by getting Zen and wellness products to calm them and relieve their stress.

Fewer Allergens

Pollen and dust can get stuck in your dog’s fur and cause allergies. The symptoms of these allergies include wheezing, sneezing, itchiness, hair loss, skin rashes/hives, watery eyes, and more. During fall months, the dog is exposed to fewer allergens which helps them stay more active. Even if they’re prone to allergies, you can easily prevent them by using Gou Gou Pet’s quality hypoallergenic shampoo that can keep them clean and healthy.

Fun Activities

This weather is also the perfect time to take your precious dog out for fun activities. They can play with the leaves or lounge in the yard, soaking in the sun. You can also play fetching games with your dog or take them out to explore new places on your regular walks.

Dog lying on the ground.

Fewer Insects

With the first appearance of fall, insects also start going into hibernation. Fewer insects mean that your dog can have a fun time outdoors without worrying about getting insect bites or getting flea and tick infestations. Even if it does get some ticks and fleas during this season, you can easily manage the condition by staying on top of your grooming. Always keep Gou Gou Pet’s traditional grooming products on hand to ensure your dog stays clean and healthy.

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