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How to Groom a Cat That Hates Bathing

As a cat owner, one of the biggest struggles that you may have faced is to bathe your furry monster regularly. This is because cats can get very uncomfortable when their fur gets wet and heavy. They often display their discomfort as excessive irritability and may not cooperate with you.

Of course, this should not keep you from taking care of their grooming and hygiene. In fact, you may have to double down on their grooming if your cat doesn’t like bathing.

Thankfully, at Gou Gou Pets, we understand the importance of grooming and know exactly how to handle a cat that doesn’t enjoy its time in the water. Keep reading to learn all about tried and tested cat grooming techniques that are sure to help you.

Comb the Coat

Even if your cat hates bathing, you can keep its coat clean by combing it at least once a week. You can get a foldable grooming comb and detangler spray set to get rid of the dirt in their fur remove the loose dead hair that builds up on their coat. The combing will also improve their blood circulation and make their coat healthier and shinier.

Give Them a Pedicure

If you’re looking for ways to pamper your cat while ensuring their grooming, you can give them a pedicure using our pedicure kit. All you have to do is soak their claws in some warm water, massage their limbs, and then get to the nail clipping part.

Use Leave-In Conditioner Spray

Our Cherry Blossom Leave-In Conditioning Spray is the best choice for cat owners who want to maintain their cat’s coats without bathing them regularly. It can be used daily to deliver natural goodness to the cat’s fur to make it healthier.

Cat sleeping on the floor.

Get Calming Shampoos for Bathing

If bathing becomes an absolute necessity for your cat, you can use our Calming Pet Shampoo to reduce your cat’s anxiety and stress during the bath. It can calm them down effectively while you clean them up.

Visit Gou Gou Pets for Quality Pet Skin Care Products for Cats

Are you looking for high-quality, natural, and holistic products to groom your cat? At Gou Gou Pets, we have a wide range of pet care products online, including leave-in coat conditioner, anti-inflammatory shampoo, dermatitis medicine, essential oils, and more for cats.

All our pet skin care products have been carefully curated with natural ingredients so you can ensure that your cat stays safe from harsh synthetics and chemicals.

Get in touch with our team now to learn more about our quality pet care products for cats, dogs, and horses.