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How to Treat Your Dog’s Dry, Flaky Skin

Dry skin comes knocking when the weather or your pet’s internal environment takes a turn. It can cause other skin conditions and be a symptom of poor diet, allergies, and whatnot. Although painless, dry and flaky skin can irritate your pup and should thus be addressed immediately.

Here are some ways to treat your dog’s dry skin by everyone’s favorite online pet care store.

Get Your Grooming Products in Order

Your dog may experience dry skin due to subpar products or irregular grooming. Fortunately, it’s never too late to rectify a grooming routine. If your dog’s dry skin has resulted from excessive buildup, treat them to the right holistic infused pet shampoo. Select a product that removes dirt, oil, dead skin, and loose fur without stripping their natural oils.

Between bathing your short-, medium-, or long-coated dog every 4–12 weeks, incorporate a regular combing routine in their life. Gently brush their coat with our Foldable Grooming Comb every couple of days to prevent matting and oil buildup by distributing it across the coat.

Watch Out for the Weather

The effects of low temperatures and humidity aren’t skin deep for dogs. Cold weather can:

  • Cause stiff joints.
  • Increase the risk of disorientation.
  • Affect bodily functions in older dogs.
  • Slow down their metabolism.
  • Result in frostbite.
  • Cause skin irritation.

The last problem is caused by dry skin. Keeping your dog indoors won’t help with dry skin because your home environment is likely to be similarly dry—if not drier—to the outdoors. Here’s what you can do instead.

The DermaSkinOintment for Dogs by Gou Gou Pets

· For Dry Skin

Apply the DermaSkin Ointment to soothe skin irritation, allergic reactions, infections, and dry and scaly skin. Simultaneously a pet skin care and trauma care product, this ointment is the go-to for all dog owners across the globe.

· For Cracked Paws

The 3-in-1 Paw Ointment protects and treats the effects of cold weather on your pupper’s paws. This paw ointment for dogs can diminish the appearance of swollen, blistered, cracked, and discolored paws. It can also protect from frostbite and other cold weather conditions by moisturizing and conditioning its paws.

Use a Conditioning Spray

A dog’s skin is more alkaline than human skin. Objectively speaking, it’s neutral, falling roughly between acidic and alkaline. Since human shampoos are more acidic, using them on your dog is a big no-no.

Stick to pet shampoos for dogs and follow the application with our Cherry Blossom and Green Tea Pet Leave-In Conditioning Spray for:

  • Soft and hydrated skin.
  • pH regulation
  • Improved immune function.

Find more dog health products online at the Gou Gou Pets store. Address dry and flaky skin immediately with suitable dog grooming products and skincare essentials. Go the extra mile for your canine, equine, or feline amigo by investing in trauma, pain management, and Zen and wellness care.

Get in touch with the online pet care store for questions and concerns.

~Veterinarian Recommended