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Pet Pampering 101: Tips for Grooming Pets at Home

Your pet needs regular pampering and grooming just like you do, but perhaps not as regularly as the average human. And while you might rely on a professional groomer for the monthly grooming session, there are some things you can do to keep your furry friend looking their best every day.

Here are some pet grooming habits you can do at home:

Brush regularly to avoid tangles

Dogs of all breeds and hair types benefit from regular brushing, but how often you brush it depends on the breed and style of your dog’s fur. If your dog has a short coat, one weekly brushing should be sufficient to remove loose, dead hair and avoid matting. Other breeds may require daily brushing if their fur is very fine, long, or prone to shedding.

Use a good brush or comb to get rid of tangles, mats, and loose fur or hair. Our pet-safe, eco-friendly foldable pet grooming comb is great for easy storage and travel. Follow up with our detangling spray for the perfect spa-like grooming experience.

A dog getting a haircut

Carefully cut your dog’s hair

Many pet owners would rather have a professional groomer do the job of cutting their dog’s hair. However, you can trim the hair growing around your pet’s eyes between professional grooming sessions. It’s important to keep the hair surrounding your pet’s eyes trimmed so that it doesn’t grow out and block its eyesight or rub and damage its delicate eyes.

If possible, wait until your dog is relaxed and laying down. Take your time, stay calm, and be careful when the scissor blades are close to your flesh. Afterward, be sure to give your pet a treat for being so patient and cooperative throughout the process.

Shaving the hair around your pet’s ears also helps prevent ear infections and improve airflow in the ear canal. However, this job is better for a professional groomer or veterinary clinic.

Trim your dog’s nails carefully

If your home has hard floors and your dog’s nails are clicking, it’s time to get them trimmed. Keeping your dog’s nails trimmed saves them from the pain of having long nails. Long nails restrict a dog’s mobility, which can cause discomfort or even pain. Overgrown nails are also fragile and brittle.

Use a nail clipper made specifically for dogs. Our pet pedicure kit includes nail clippers with safeguards to stop you from shortening the nails too much. When cutting their nails, stop short of the “quick,” or blood vessel, in the center of each one. Remove only the downward-pointing hook from the nail.

Dogs often react violently when their nails are clipped. Start early and get your puppy used to having their feet touched to ensure a smooth and pain-free process later on. Taking it slow and clipping just one or two nails at a time also helps teach your dog that you won’t injure them.

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