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How to Decode Your Dog’s Actions

Have you ever looked at your dog and wished it could talk to you so you would know exactly what it is thinking?

While your dog may not be using words, it is always communicating with you through its actions. It’s only a matter of understanding the actions and picking on cues, and you’ll know exactly what’s going on in your dog’s head. Even the pitch of your dog’s barks can tell you what your dog wants.

Are you looking for ways to understand the meaning of your dog’s actions so you can give it everything it needs? Here’s how your canine behaves when they’re feeling all these emotions.

Happiness and Excitement

When your dog is happy, you’ll see that its tail is relaxed and wiggly. Its ears will also be resting naturally against the head, and it’ll be letting out happy barks. Your dog may even smile and stick its tongue out happily when it’s excited to be around something.


Your dog makes its hunger very evident by searching for food on the ground, rapidly pacing around the house, barking persistently or whining, and licking its lips. If you want to make sure that you’re not over-feeding your dog, you can also check its ribs. If you feel individual ribs, it means your dog truly is hungry.

Anxiety and Discomfort

Dogs can get anxious around certain people and in specific situations such as car rides. If you want to spot your dog’s anxiety, look out for unusual behavior such as frequent urination, panting, restlessness, drooling, or aggressive barking. If your dog is clearly anxious or uncomfortable, use Gou Gou Pets Calming Spray or our Signature Essential Oil to calm it down


If your dog has a low posture and flattened ears, it might be in some pain that you can’t see. Loss of appetite, unwillingness to play, limping, stiffness, signs of aggression, grumpiness, crying, and panting are also signs that should confirm your hunch. If your dog is obsessively licking one specific area of its body, there’s a chance this area might be hurting them.

In case of an open wound, apply Gou Gou Pets First Aid Ointment, and for joint pain, sprains, and strains, apply our Joint & Bone Ointment or Joint Spray to give relief to your canine.

Dog sitting outdoors.

Once you’ve understood your dog’s actions, you’ll be in a better position to help them. This is why you should always keep all essential dog health products handy with you at all times.

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