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The Truth Behind Your Cat’s Behavior

Cats are one of the most popular pets in the world. They’re fairly independent and usually perfectly content with their own company. There’s no doubt that cats have an air of mystery to them. Sometimes you can almost feel them plotting an elaborate plan, and sometimes you have no idea what goes on in their heads.

The truth is cats are actually one of the most expressive pets you can possibly have. Of course, it takes some skill and experience to understand what they’re trying to communicate, but once you know it, you and your cat will always be on the same page.

As a feline owner, you should train yourself to decode your cat’s behavior, so you can easily understand what they’re trying to tell you. Here’s a complete guide to help you break down what your cat is trying to communicate to you.

Look at the Eyes

Your cat’s eyes are always speaking to you—you just need to listen. If your cat shuts its eyes, you should know that it’s relaxed and content. If your cat blinks slowly while looking at you, it means they’re trying to tell you that they are comfortable around you. In this case, you should blink back slowly at them.

If your cat’s eyes are wide and the pupils are dilated, it may either be excited or. If your cat shows other signs of anxiety, use Gou Gou Pets Calming Spray or our Signature Essential Oil to calm it down.

Respect the Growls

Always make sure to respect your cat’s growls because they’re a clear sign of annoyance. The annoyance could simply be because they’re disturbed by something you’re doing, or it could be because it’s in some kind of pain that’s not visible to you. If you think your cat has joint pain, you should use Joint & Bone Ointment to give it relief.

Understand Tail Actions

Like your cat’s eyes, its tail is also a window to understanding its behavior. A high and relaxed tail is a sign of comfort, while a tense and bushy tail is a sign that your cat is frightened. It may also tuck its tail between its legs when it’s scared. Sometimes the raised bushy tail can be a sign of excitement also, and you can tell the difference by looking at the cat’s surroundings. If your cat is wagging its tail, it most likely means that it’s annoyed and wants to be left alone.

Decode the Purrs

Your cat’s meows and purrs are also different on different occasions. If it’s giving a normal meow, it could be a greeting. Low-pitched meows paired with growling and hissing are a sign that your cat is in fighting mode, high-pitched meows usually come when the cat is in shock or pain, and mid-pitched meows are a sign of hunger.

Cat sitting on a ladder.

If you’re able to decode your cat’s behavior, you can learn to anticipate its needs and make sure that it’s well taken care of at all times.

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